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Potential leaks of a new Fire Emblem game

Last posted Jun 20, 2022 at 11:56AM EDT. Added Jun 15, 2022 at 12:56PM EDT
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So as usual there's speculation about an upcoming Nintendo Direct sometime this month, which makes sense given this is usually a time ripe with game announcements.

Emily Rogers, a well-known insider, has stated some details about a new Fire Emblem game co-developed by Koei Tecmo subsidiary Gust, which has been finished for about a year now.

Not only details, but a redditor then showed support for Emily by providing what seems to be screenshots of the game that match.

Even Emily Rogers is surprised by these screenshots.

My take on this: as usual, grain of salt from me. The cursor in the pics might throw people off, but remember that some frames in Pokemon Sword and Shield left behind the mouse cursor. And based on the language, it's most likely from a Chinese localization job. I threw some of those on Google translate, especially that one screenshot of the bearded dude talking about "If he was still alive, you could also have been generous to accept your Excellency" or something along those lines. We'll just see, if this is real it could potentially be the big reveal for this upcoming direct.

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Now there’s another screenshot leak, a good look at the supposed protagonist

I’m typing this on mobile so I won’t be able to hide the picture under the spoiler button but here’s the character:

If she’s real she honestly looks neat. Also there’s already memes and fanart of her, and she ain’t even confirmed yet--eat your heart out Pokemon fans

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If these are legit, I'm not sure if the visual style is doing it for me. Fire Emblem has always been pretty anime, but it had some grounding. These shots are zipping past Fates when it comes to being over-the-top, and look more at home in a series like FGO or Atlier (which makes some sense with the leaks in mind). I should not be too quick to judge though. I was put off by 3houses' visuals when it was announced, but it really won me over with the story.

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