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Origin: Twitter
Year: 2020

Added Jun 04, 2022 at 09:39PM EDT by Autumn Able.

Updated Jun 22, 2022 at 04:17PM EDT by Adam.

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Cope, Seethe, Mald is a slang term which combines Cope / Seethe with Malding, and is used as a means to troll others who appear excessively mad online. Though initially a mere extension of "cope / seethe," the term gained popularity in late 2021 thanks to a Source Filmmaker video.


The earliest known usage of the term can be found on Twitter. On June 20th, 2020, Twitter user uckersSket replied to a comment with "seethe cope mald project dilate rage harder im right and I win and you lose and you can't even deal with it LMAOOO" (tweet shown below).[1]

QUEEN KALO DOSCOPE @uckersSket Replying to @FatJalter seethe cope mald project dilate rage harder im right and I win and you lose and you can't even deal with it LMAOOO 10:03 AM Jun 20, 2020 - Twitter for Android : Font


The phrase "cope, seethe, mald" was essentially an extension of the "Cope / Seethe" replies popularly posted to excessively mad people online. This resulted in various GIFs created with the phrase intended to troll others online (examples shown below).

cope, seethe, mald 3 Facial expression Cartoon Azure Organism Mammal Gesture Happy Font Fawn Whiskers Felidae Tail COPE SEETHE SEETHE COPE MALD Bob Odenkirk Saul Goodman Better Call Saul Forehead Chin Coat Tie Gesture Suit Adaptation Blazer Happy Font

The three-word combination of the terms grew in popularity after it was used in a Source Filmmaker video by Steaky, which was posted to YouTube on September 5th, 2021.[2] In the video (shown below), Team Fortress 2 character Scout insults the engineer using the term after winning a match. The video received over 596,000 views in over nine months.

The following day, YouTuber Shadok posted an animation based on the video, gaining over 71,000 views (shown below). The phrase also been referenced in a March 31st, 2022 episode of YouTuber Lythero's DBFZ video series (shown below, right).

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We cope. Seethe. MALD. Low Tier God Forehead Sleeve Real estate Window Font cope, seethe, and mald Nico Robin Monkey D. Luffy Forehead Nose Lip Eyebrow Eyelash Mouth Cartoon Azure Human body Jaw Iris Bangs Cool Art Black hair Layered hair Cg artwork Long hair Hime cut cope, seethe, mald Face Nose Head Chin Hairstyle Mouth Smile Eyebrow Eye Facial expression Vertebrate Cartoon Eyelash Human body Jaw Happy Mammal Gesture Art Sky Cloud Layered hair Bangs Hime cut Cg artwork cope seethe mald 88 Genshin Impact Flash photography Sky Thigh Tree Cg artwork COPE. SEETHE. MALD Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Astronomical object Galaxy Triangle Science Star Font Midnight Electric blue Gas ОН COPE MALD HO. HO H. NH2 H. Но SEETHE TOUCH GRASS ОН N HO. Но HN, CH3 HO NH2 White Light Product Black Font Line Slope Parallel Symmetry

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