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KYM Mods Top Meme Picks 2021

KYM mod profile avatars.

That mod who just locked the Vanny gallery? They're a person, and they have feelings, including feelings on which 2021 memes were the best!


KYM Review: Best Gimmick Accounts Of 2021

KYM Review: Best Gimmick Accounts Of 2021

We've celebrated the best memes of the year and the best meme makers of the year, and now is the time to look at something in between. Here's the list of our favorite gimmick accounts of 2021.


KYM Review: The Top Meme Revivals of 2021

Top Meme Revivals of 2021 collage.

Memes are born, memes go viral, get old and die. Some memes, however, get to come back after their death, often in a new, improved and infinitely funnier form. This is our list of downright best meme comebacks of 2021.


KYM Review: Top 10 Gaming Memes Of 2021

Top 10 Gaming Memes Of 2021 collage.

This year was absolutely bananas with the amount of gaming-related memes that popped up. Among them all, these were the big 10 from 2021 that climbed the leaderboards to the top.


KYM Review: Breakthrough Meme Formats Of 2021

A collage of the Breakthrough Meme Formats Of 2021.

Every year, you keep surprising us with new, imaginative ways to meme, and with people literally bringing memes from their dreams and having neural nets make memes for them, 2021 was no exception. Here's our review of breakthrough meme formats that defined the past year.


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