Kumalala Savesta meme explained.

What Is The 'Kumalala Vs. Savesta' Meme?

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Published Jun 24, 2022 at 03:36PM EDT by Owe.

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As the battle between Kumalala and Savesta has come to a climax in the expanding Quandale Dingle lore, many are wondering who these two foes are and where they came from.

It's a tale as old as 2022 when the TikTok sound first went viral. The slowed + reverbed remix seemed to be everywhere all of a sudden and these two "light skin" characters came to embody its aura.

So what is the "Kumalala vs. Savesta" meme and where did it come from? Let's explain.

Where Does the "Kumalala Savesta" Song Come From?

Although the song associated with the trend wasn't known in memes until 2022, the rhythm, lyrics and sound of the modern version have origins that date back to the 1900s. In 1964, the song "Cu Ma La Be Stay" by Chubby Checker was originally recorded and sounds very similar to the track everyone knows today.

Flash forward 10 years and another song was recorded that borrowed and played on Chubby Checker's sound. This song was "Oh, no! Not the Beast Day!" by Marsha Hunt, which was made in 1973.

In the 2000s, the sounds and lyrics became associated with a summer campfire song called, "Flee, Fly, Flo." Many campers have performed this song which requires slapping of the knees and subtle dancing. Then, another song emerged that actually used the lyrics "Kumalala Savesta" rather than the precursor "Kuma La Vista."

On January 16th, 2022, TikToker @kervo.dolo posted a skit about, "How dudes be getting bullied in jail 😂" where his character is being harassed by his cellmate in multiple ways. This sketch effectively started the modern "Kumala Savesta" song after producer MackDaddy Andy made a remix and uploaded it to TikTok first.

Who Are Kumalala and Savesta?

Going into mid-2022, the "Kumalala and Savesta" meme became more than just the song remix. By April 2022, two TikTokers became known as "Savesta" and "Kumalala" despite their names not even resembling the words.

Savesta became associated with TikToker @freddyt_smoove, also known as Freddy Torres, whose hypebeast aura helped spiral his likeness into the trend. TikToker @thomsofficiel____ became Kumalala. Their dramatic faces and bodies similar to that of GigaChad were the perfect bait for virality.

If you want to learn more about this meme, check out our entry on Kumalala Savesta here.

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