Featuring the Extreme Compact Wi-Fi Smart Switch “SONOFF MINIR4”

Featuring the Extreme Compact Wi-Fi Smart Switch “SONOFF MINIR4”


The most recent version of the Extreme Wi-Fi Smart Switch, SONOFF MINIR4, is also the smallest one out there. It comes packed with a variety of intriguing features, such as an improved ESP32 chip, detach relay mode, external switch control, and many others. It will be of tremendous assistance to you in the process of transforming your house into a smart home.

Exciting Characteristics

Its compact size enables it to be put in various mounting boxes, including the mounting box that meets the European standard for the smallest size. It measures about mm(2.36 inches) and is a comparatively smaller version than MINIR2 and MINIR3. The dimension is 39.5 mm x 33 mm.

Control of the Switch from an External Source: Connecting to the SPDT switch, latching switch, momentary switch, door exit switch, and even dry contact sensors is a breeze with this switch.

Detach Relay Mode: The MINIR4 has a mode called “detach relay,” which separates the states of the relay from the states of the external switches. This means that activating the button on an external switch will not change the state of the relay.

The MINIR4 is a smart switch that has the gateway function of eWeLink-Remote Control built into it. After successfully connecting with MINIR4, it will be able to install “eWeLink-Remote” sub-devices such as R5 and S-MATE. Both R5 and S-MATE have the ability to manage MINIR4 locally via the eWeLink-Remote signal and can function as remote controllers.

Certifications from TÜV, CE, and FCC guarantee a product is safer and more trustworthy than others on the market. A simulation of the products abnormal short-circuit is performed, and each potential component that could be affected is tested. Ensures that the product does not pose a risk of electric shock even in the event of a malfunction, that there is no evidence of burning or flame, and that no component reaches a high enough temperature to create a potential hazard for fire in the surrounding areas. It has the highest flame retardant Grade V-0 devise enclosure available, and its relay can switch 1,00,000 times, which is 2.5 times longer than it could previously.

The ESP32 is a solution that is in high demand for use in smart home products because it provides an exceptional level of safety and reliability.  in Its capacity to provide long-lasting and reliable operation because of its speedy performance provided by its dual cores and its ample memory.

When the screws were tightened too quickly in the previous method of tightening wire with screws, the wire could be crushed or even cut. The newly designed connection port is not only more secure but also less likely to cause the wire to become damaged, and it does a better job of holding the wires in place. It can work with apps like Google Assistant and Alexa and is voice-controlled. In order to automate your home, it is compatible with motion sensors, door and window sensors, and even more. The dimension is 39.5 x 33 mm with Input/Output power is 100-240 V with 50/60 Hz 10A Max and Wi-Fi is IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz


This link below will also give a detailed guide.

Purchase information:

The product page sells SONOFF MINI Extreme Wi-Fi Smart Switch MINIR4 for $9.90 with free shipping.

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